VOSSLOH protect

Environmentally friendly premium protection for extreme conditions

When corrosion protection plays a key role base & top coat of Vossloh protect provide sustainable and long-lasting corrosion protection for steel components in rail fastening systems.

Special customer requests can be met with the top coat, and tension clamps can be color-coded for their special area of application.

Orbital light rail line in Helsinki gets premium protected tension clamps

  • The 25 km long light rail line Raide-Jokeri (orbital railway) is currently under construction. In the future, it will link the Finnish cities Helsinki and Espoo and replace the busiest bus connection in the public transport network of the regional transport authority of Helsinki.
  • The line is being equipped with W 14 and W 21 systems including Skl 14 or Skl 21 tension clamps with the new premium coating. So far, nearly 288,500 Skl 14 and approx. 4,000 Skl 21 tension clamps have been supplied. The project was closed successfully in 2021.

Selection of further references

Tunnel of the Ijo Central in Java, Indonesia

Stockholm "Getingmidjan" project, Sweden

Swiss Vereina Tunnel & Bologna-Firenze Tunnel, Italy

Yerköy–Sivas high-speed project, Turkey

Special characteristics of the tension clamp curve such as the second stiffness