M-Generation: the tension clamps that forgive more

Green tension clamp design with optimized performance & extended life

With the new M-Generation, we now offer even more robust tension clamps to our customers.

  • Despite increasing requirements and higher loads, they will continue to guarantee track safety for the future.
  • The innovative geometry with the spring arms bent outwards allows the use of more elastic systems to further reduce vibrations.
  • Significantly improved carbon footprint thanks to new micro-steel alloy.

Product features for first-class performance

  • Ready for use in all fields of application, the increased natural frequency strengthens the robustness of M-clamps against external influences, thus extending their service life going hand in hand with reduced lifecycle costs.

Since M tension clamps combine the characteristics of several previous tension clamps, they can be installed on railway lines with higher requirements due to increased loads:

M3: alternative to tension clamp Skl 15 in high speed applications

M7: alternative to tension clamps Skl 1, Skl 14, and Skl 21 in mainline, metro, and high-speed ballasted track applications

M9: alternative to tension clamps Skl 14 R, Skl 30 and Skl 40 for heavy-haul goods traffic or lines with extreme requirements