VTM-performance: Vossloh’s high-performance milling train picks up pace

The evolution of milling

With its VTM-performance, Vossloh offers a mobile rail milling machine of globally unrivalled performance, safety and eco-friendliness – ideal for deployment on the European high-speed network:

  • advance of up to 2,000 m/h
  • 1,044 kW system power, 6 milling units
  • 0.3 to 3 mm metal removal per pass
  • reprofiling by plain milling
  • finishing by face milling – this means a treatment that is absolutely free of grinding and sparks

“We have put a great deal of passion and self-confidence into the development of the two VTM milling machines to be able to offer our customers innovative and extremely cost-efficient options also in the field of corrective rail maintenance.”

Marcel Taubert, Managing Director of Vossloh Rail Services

Technical overview

  • 3-part vehicle in walk-through design
  • Modular design and easy adjustability to various infrastructures
  • 14 m³ container for approx. 8 hours of independent shift operation
  • High degree of automation
  • Maximum reliability
  • Semi-automatic tooling change from inside the milling car; cutting tools mounted in cartridges for swift replacement
  • Easy servicing and maintenance for high availability
  • Integrated eddy current tester
  • Prepared for measuring systems for quality control
  • Resource-saving design: diesel-electric drive (Euro IIIB) with smart engine management (low noise emissions & eco-friendly energy recovery)

Driver's cab: more comfort & user-friendliness

  • 2 modern, ergonomic workplaces
  • Free view of the track
  • Sound level inside the cab: lower than required by the standards
  • Video surveillance of the milling engineering

A new dimension in working speed and surface quality

Surface quality after main milling and finishing

Main milling
Surface roughness (Ra) after completion <3 μm