Bridge rehabilitation project in Bressana
The steel railway bridge in Bressana was built over 70 years ago. Now the wooden sleepers had to be replaced because they were no longer properly connected to the metal part of the bridge.
The drilling required for fixing the wooden sleepers have only approximate positional accuracy in the metal structure. If machined, pre-assembled sleepers had been used, each new sleeper would have had to be adjusted on site using the old sleeper as a template.
Thanks to accurate mapping & surveying with V-Drone, we created a digital twin of the bridge, which allowed us to identify the position of the 5,600 drill holes for fixing the sleepers with millimeter precision.
Vossloh developed a way to
  • fasten the wooden sleepers perfectly to the metal part of the bridge,
  • absorb drilling dispersion while using pre-machined, factory-assembled sleepers,
  • increase the electrical insulation of the system,
  • Improve the stability, reliability and safety of the track, in order to reduce maintenance costs in the long term.
To measure the correct implementation of the solution, we will deploy a monitoring system inspired by the experience of the MESEA project using lasers and other measurement methods.
V-Drone is becoming a standard for digitizing complex projects and paving the way to develop innovative solutions for our customers. Whether further bridges or new situations for which no answer has been found so far with conventional digitization methods.

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Only the use of V-Drone enabled:

  • reduced lead times & costs over the whole project,
  • highest standards of quality & fitting accuracy for low maintenance requirements

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