Elastically borne high-speed turnouts

System 300 for Stuttgart 21

Elasticity always plays an important role for high-speed lines on slab track, all the more so when the line is routed through a city. Here, the key solution lies in the use of highly elastic components made of cellentic. Within the rail fastening system, they

  • ensure a high, long-term dynamic elasticity – an indispensable prerequisite for a highly available track with low maintenance requirements
  • reduce vibrations and hence protect the entire superstructure – an engineering plus for urban developments
  • allow the required rail subsidence while the elastically borne steel plate guarantees an optimal distribution of the loads.

Vossloh’s contribution:

For the new railway link Ulm–Wendlingen – currently for 28 turnouts and crossings in the “Ulm trough”, a lowered line section enclosed by lateral concrete walls – Vossloh supplied its highly elastic system 300 in the configuration for turnouts. Thanks to its modular design, this internationally proven fastening solution for turnouts can be excellently adapted to different customer needs. In the tunnel sections, the tension clamps are protected by Vossloh protect.

The line will start its test phase in the spring and is expected to start service late this year. In the second half of the year, follow-up deliveries for further 72 turnouts are scheduled. These will be installed in the sub-project Stuttgart 21 that is still under construction and will directly connect with the Ulm–Wendlingen line.

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Special characteristics of the tension clamp curve such as the second stiffness