New tramway network for Lusail

The planned city is growing on a previously barely cultivated desert area, approximately 38 km2 in size, along the eastern coast. The modern infrastructure also comprises a tram system which started its service this year.

The 28 km long Lusail tram network comprises 4 new lines and 25 stations with two connecting stations to the Doha metro that was opened in 2019. Seven stops on the about 15 km of the double-track, standard-gauge network are located underground.

Vossloh‘s contribution:

  • All the turnouts are in Ri54G2 grooved rails.
  • The actuation devices were produced by Vossloh.
  • All turnouts correspond to our V-Tram product range :
    • Single turnouts: 49
    • Single crossovers: 10
    • Scissors crossovers: 5
    • Diamond crossings: 4
  • Rail fastening systems:
    • Corrosion protection & electric isolation thanks to the high percentage of plastic
    • Proven & durable
    • Elastic cellentic components for less vibration & protection of the superstructure
    • Light components for simple handling during installation
  • New layer grinding before commissioning (incl. measurements) with HSG-city (Unimog from customer)
  • Section length: approx. 33 km (14 km in tunnel)
  • Required removal: approx. 0.2 mm; achieved: approx. 0.2 to 0.35 mm
  • Execution period: December 2021 (last measurements in January 2022)

Special characteristics of the tension clamp curve such as the second stiffness