More capacity for Norway’s rail freight traffic

System W 30 on the Ofoten line from Narvik to Riksgränsen on the Norwegian-Swedish border

Customer: Bane Nor
Safe travel even under extreme conditions with temperatures down to -60 °C
System requirements: high axle loads of up to 35 t
Line: 43 km, single track, 50 % curves with a radius of < 500 m (min. R = 260 m)
Robust & durable fastening system, low maintenance requirements

According to the infrastructure operator Bane Nor, rail freight traffic on Norway’s rail network increased by 12 % in 2021 over the previous year. On several routes, the volume even grew by more than 20 %. But capacity constraints are becoming apparent on some lines; these constraints severely limit the potential for further growth.

Our proposal: the W 30 fastening system - Putting heavy haul transport safely on the rail

The elastic W 30 system is currently the most robust special fastening solution for heavy haul applications with axle loads of up to 35 t on ballasted track with concrete sleepers:

  • protects the entire track superstructure against material fatigue
  • provides stability even at high loads & in tight curves
  • installation of a W system ensures high gauge accuracy
  • modular design allows easy subsequent adjustment of the W-System in case of changing loads & requirements;
    e.g. if elasticity requirements increase, the rail pad can easily be subsequently exchanged
  • relatively flat system structure: no risk of damage by passing snow ploughs
  • diverse adjustment options of the system

Details on the components: System W 30

  • Larger diameter & the optimized geometry of the Skl 30 tension clamp provide high toe load, high dynamic fatigue strength and a high creep resistance > allow safe travel even under extreme conditions
  • Long spring travel of Skl 30 > i.e., under load, the spring arms remain in contact with the rail foot & the rail is safely friction-locked
  • Extreme temperature influences as well as acceleration and braking forces are safely absorbed by the creep resistance​ > dangerous fracture gaps are avoided
  • Rail is protected against strong tilting under lateral load > plastic deformation of the outer spring arms is avoided
  • Maintenance free & protected against corrosion by Vossloh protect
  • Angled guide plates keep the rail in the track
  • Rail pads made of TPU withstand high axle loads
  • Screw-dowel combination NG ensures safe clamping & reduced loading
  • In addition, the synthetic material used for rail pad, angled guide plates and screw dowel is electrically insulating – an additional insulator between tension clamp & rail is not required
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Preassembly & replacement

  • Preassembly of all fastening components possible
  • At the site: place & clamp the rail Æ nothing gets lost
  • Neutralization of the rail without removing fastening elements ​
  • Replacement of all components possible, also including the dowel

Global References: W 30 System Family

Standard system for heavy haul traffic on concrete sleepers in the USA
New railway lines of Etihad Rail in United Arab Emirates
/ Total length: ~870 km (stages 1 & 2)
/ Stage 1 has been fully operational since January 2016
/ Passenger traffic: 200 km/h & 25 t
Freight traffic: 120 km/h & 32 t
/ Challenges: environmental conditions & mixed traffic
Heavy haul line in Mongolia
/ Total length: ~270 km
/ Fully operational since September 2022
/ Axle loads up to 30 t
/ Demanding climatic conditions & challenging soil conditions
fastening points
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Special characteristics of the tension clamp curve such as the second stiffness