Smart maintenance ,on the fly' in Milan
For ATM, the local network operator Azienda Trasporti Milanesi, ripple removal and thus the reduction of noise is the first priority. Good results have already been achieved with the grinding campaigns carried out so far with HSG-city. However, the aim is to no longer react to increased noise levels, but to set up a preventive strategy in the medium term.
In order to be able to better plan and control the measures in Milan's tram and metro network more proactively, ATM wants to know more about the track condition of its rail networks.
The most traditional tramway network in Italy has a length of almost 120 km as double track and today comprises 18 lines. The Metropolitana di Milano comprises four lines that extend over 113 stations (78 of them underground) for about 120 kilometers. The Lombard capital's metro system has been in operation since 1964 and will be expanded further in the coming years.
In order to maintain an overview due to the dimensions of both networks and to minimize the flood of data from measurement results or to be able to use the knowledge gained more efficiently, ATM entered into a development partnership with Vossloh.

Special characteristics of the tension clamp curve such as the second stiffness