Eurasia Rail 2023

Current high-speed network incl. construction projects of Türkiye

Local transport project: Bursa
Turnouts & rail fasteners for the light rail system and the W-Tram system for Bursa Metro
Local transport project: Ankara
Turnouts & DFF 21 fastening system for the new M1 and M4 lines of the Ankara Metro
Local transport project: İstanbul
Fastening system DFF 21 & KS system for M1B Yenikapı – Kirazlı Metro Line.
Fastening system 336 is used in M2 Yenikapı – Hacıosman Metro Line.
Fastening system DFF 21 is installed in M3 Kirazlı – Kayaşehir Metro Line.
Vossloh turnouts are installed in M2 Taksim – 4.Levent Metro Line.

Marmary project
For the prestigious Marmaray project, which has been linking Europe and Asia by rail since 2013, Vossloh supplied the systems W 14, 300, DFF 300, KS 24.
The centerpiece is the rail tunnel, which run 56 meters below the seabed of the Bosporus. Eleven prefabricated tunnel tubes were sunk and assembled underwater for the 1.4 kilometer long route. The project includes a total of 76 kilometers of new rail system. Work was originally scheduled to be completed in 2009, but during construction of the Yenikapi station, workers came across remains of the ancient port of Byzantium. The line is predominantly a triple-track; two tracks are reserved for local traffic, one for long-distance traffic. The mainline track has passing places every four to five kilometers. The tunnel under the Bosporus is double-tracked.
Local transport project: Konya
Train station in Konya: DFF 21 fastening system with Vossloh protect

High-speed line Ankara – Konya

  • First high-speed rail line with 300 km/h in Turkey; in operation since 2011
  • W 14 fastening system on the entire track
  • 68 maintenance-friendly turnouts

High-speed line Ankara – Sivas

Phase 1 Kayaş/Ankara – Yerköy: Doğuş İnşaat, partly Elsitel A.Ş.
Phase 2 Yerköy – Sivas: YapıMerkezi
High-speed line with 405 km total length and 8 stations was inaugurated on 26.04.2023; travel time is reduced to less than 3 hours, while travelers on the old route via Kayseri needed about 12 hours
49 tunnels with a length of 66 km and 49 viaducts with a length of 27 km.
Vossloh rail fastening system W 21, W 14 & System 300-1 primarily in phase 2; tensions clamps are coated with Vossloh protect to withstand future environmental stresses
Vossloh Turkey Demiryolu Sistemleri Ltd. Şti. continuously performed flash-butt welding service for more than 10 months during the pandemic

High-speed line Bandirma – Osmaneli

Kalyon Group
New double-track high-speed line will link the locations of Bandirma, Bursa, and Osmaneli in northwestern Türkiye
Vossloh is supplying 147 switches with different geometries, spare parts, and fastening system components of all the track; deliveries started in 2022
Strategic railway components are built in Ystad, Sweden, and will be delivered to Türkiye by rail – since it is by far the most sustainable option

High-speed line Ankara – İzmir (Ankara İzmir Yüksek Hızlı Tren – AİYHT)

Important project under the General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments (AYGM) which belongs to Turkish Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure
Constructor ERG
New high-speed line will have a total length of 500 km
Fastening system W 21

Economic solutions for upcoming projects

Swing nose crossing with 2 reinforced rails – not welded – ensure rolling rails, cradle & wing rails:

  • double direct locking of the point
  • elastic embedding of the point onto the splice rail to prevent any longitudinal movement
  • safety plate ensures stability to prevent any movement
  • point and locking detectors housed in the frame

W 21 T direct fixation without
steel base plates for intermediate sections lower the costs

One point machine with single back drive, locking device & point detectors

Notched concrete bearers permit cables & rods passage with same performance as standard bearer

applied for HSL Ankara-Konya

Resource-efficient design for conventional rail and high-speed systems: The refined System 300: Less material with no impact on quality

The extreme speeds represent a huge stress test for rail fasteners; all forces generated have to be cushioned and offset first and foremost by the rail fasteners. With physically optimized tension clamps and weather-resistant highly elastic components, our customized solutions ensure a comfortable ride experience and maximum safety. Vibration damping also helps to extend service life of all components in the track bed structure, which ensures that cost-effectiveness is not left behind.

The refined System 300 was installed for the first time in the 425 m long Catalca Gökceali tunnel.

Most advanced welding technology for producing a seamless track body

Since 2010, Vossloh’s Turkish subsidiary Vossloh Turkey Demiryolu Sistemleri Ltd. Şti. based in Ankara has been providing rail-related services for the Turkish state railway TCDD and local construction companies. Projects involving flash-butt welding account for a large share.

Chronology of projects with starting dates

2010   Ankara – Konya HSL
2013   Kızılay – Koru Metro Line
2014   Kızılay – Batıkent Metro Line
2014   Ankara – Kırıkkale Conventional Line
2014   Gebze – Pendik Section HSL
2015   Kayseri – Şefahatli Suburban Line


2015   Erzincan Suburban Line
2016   Eskişehir HSL Terminal
2016   Sivas – Kangal Conventional Line
2017   Maraş – Narlı Suburban Line
2017   İzmir – Harbor Connection
2017   Adana – Yenice Suburban Line


2017   Adana – GaziAntep – Maraş Terminals
2018   Kabataş – Mahmutbey Metro
2019   Ankara – Eskişehir HSL
2019   Yerköy –Sivas HSL
Between 2020 and 2022 various projects in Europe
2023   Bakırköy – Kirazlı Metro

Keeping the rail infrastructure in shape: Project Aliaga – İzmir

We are pleased that rail milling is “picking up speed” again and that we are in concrete talks with customers.

Maviray (Subcontractor contract for work for TCDD)
11/2011 – 05/2012
123 km track
Rail milling with SF02 W-FS Truck "Einstein";
partly 2-4 passes necessary
Team organized in cooperation special training for TCCD engineers on rail machining & measuring systems

Keeping the rail infrastructure in shape: Project Balikesir – Bandirma

Maviray (Subcontractor contract for work for TCDD)
05/2012 – 08/2012
90 km track
Rail milling with SF02 W-FS Truck "Einstein"; partly 2-4 passes necessary
Higher productivity due to longer continuous processing times

Special characteristics of the tension clamp curve such as the second stiffness