CogX: The hard & durable rolled steel

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CogX is a rolled and heat-treated steel which complements Vossloh’s product portfolio and offers new possibilities for customized designs with high performance levels:

  • tramway & railway crossings,
  • half switch blocks for tramways,
  • tramway tongues and
    expansion joints, etc.

Based on decades of expertise in crossing design & manufacturing, CogX is a co-development with ArcelorMittal Industeel with an initial hardness from 450 HB and an extremely hard running surface (550 HB).

Heat treated laminated steel: Cogidur

Heat treated frogs (DB standard)

Cast manganese steel frogs with four flash-butt welded rails

Material characteristics

  • Better profile stability & creep resistance
  • No material flow or deformation
  • Allows higher transit tonnage
  • High wear and impact resistance
  • Specific solution for turnouts with high traffic density

Ideal processing properties:

  • All geometries for tongues and frogs can be cut and milled very precisely.
  • Many new designs and new track types can be realized
  • Excellent weldability

Different type of welds are qualified :

  • Arc welding between grooved rail and CogX crossings for Tramway (as per ISO 15614-1)
  • Flash butt welds between Vignole rails and CogX railway crossing (as per EN 14587-3)
  • Repair welds (as per EN 15594), repairing recommendations are available

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Some projects & references:

Special characteristics of the tension clamp curve such as the second stiffness