Flexis System: The most flexible way to machine rails

Used in combination on switches and crossings

  • With Flexis, Vossloh has an all-round system for the maintenance of entire switches and crossings including parts like the frog and point blades that cannot be accessed by bigger machinery.
  • It combines precise measurement methods with versatile machines in order to machine adequately and economically and do justice to the unique nature of every turnout when it comes to care and maintenance.
  • Material removal from preventive to corrective (up to 1.5 mm) and removal of isolated defects using welding
  • Electric Flexis machines are also available if reduced exhaust and noise emissions are required.


Procedural sequence:

  • Preliminary inspection: analysis of condition and location of switches, level crossings and rail expansion joints
  • An inspection and grinding work is carried out at the beginning of the shift in accordance with the applicable standard and the requirements specified by the customer
  • Measurements: material removal, longitudinal profile, transverse profile and eddy current testing
  • Grinding using
    • corrugation grinding machine to grind the running surface (metal removal and longitudinal profile)
    • Flexis grinding machine to grind the gauge corner (transverse profile)
    • deburring machine and
    • hand machine tools (angle grinder, e.g. for the backs of point blades)
  • Continuous inspection in order to monitor machining progress
  • Final inspection after the goal of the work has been achieved (removal of defects, reprofiling or new profile)

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Switch machining: Efficiency and high quality as required

  • Frog including ramp and wing rails
  • Points and stock rails
  • Rails including transition point and insulated joints
  • Number of staff can be varied depending on size of switch
  • No disassembly of trackside switching equipment needed
  • Track vacated quickly enabling work during intervals between trains
  • Work starts immediately at start of track possession

Special applications

Special applications

Even when spalling occurs on hardfacing, the rail can still be saved if it has sufficent wear reserve.
In Le Havre, the Flexis team removed around 2 mm from the grooved rail below the wide or double channel – the Heat Affected Zone .

Special characteristics of the tension clamp curve such as the second stiffness