Smart Maintenance ,on the fly'

The future lies in digitally enhanced rail treatment

Laser-based measuring system: Several offset laser triangulation sensors capture the condition of the rail and check the track set

Since 2021, the HSG-city smart has been acquiring condition data in several local transport networks in France and Italy. Measurements have been performed on nearly 700 km of track.

Corrugation sensor
Transverse profile sensor
Central module: measurement computer GPS / Wi-Fi / 4G

Non-touch optical measuring system to leverage specific HSG advantages also in the acquisition of condition data

Wireless control, monitoring during the measurement & remote access for support

Measurements currently performed by the HSG-city smart:

  • Position & distance
  • Complete transverse profile analysis:
    • Rail head deviation
    • Wear and tear
    • Depth of grooves (optional)
  • Longitudinal profile/corrugations
  • Gauge
  • Track level and distortion

Measurement quality

  • Transverse profile : 1 measurement per m;
    accuracy ±0.1 mm
  • Corrugations: 1 measurement per mm;
    accuracy ±0.008 mm
  • Distance : odometer ±1 mm/m;
    Position: GPS / Galileo ±5 m

The accuracy of the acquired measurement data was confirmed by several operators through comparative measurements.

Automatic data upload to the mapl-e platform and algorithm-based data processing in real time

Benefits from regular measurement campaigns

Knowledge about the condition of the own rail network is the essential lever for a smart and efficient rail maintenance.

  • Get to know your network better
  • Obtain a clear overview of the condition of your network and the development of wear and tear

With growing data volume and defect history:

  • Trends & forecasts on the development of wear and tear
  • More preventive maintenance approach
  • Optimized maintenance costs/budgets at increased network availability

HSG smart captures rail & track condition data without track possessions or interference with the train schedule

Data analysis – data visualization – data access

  • Automatic data evaluation with the mapl-e platform (Laser Rail Scanning) measuring system & mapl-e are designed for joint application)
  • Growing data pool with every measuring run
  • Clear and easy to understand results
  • Independent assessment of the data by the user
  • Various depths of detail
  • mapl-e data retrievable from any terminal device
  • User-friendly navigation & configuration
  • Intuitive visualization of the rail condition with traffic light colours

"It's like touching the moon"

Intuitive menu navigation: everything at a glance

  • With mapl-e, we simplify all planning and control processes for the asset managers.
  • The clear presentation & very easy operation provide quick access to the processed data or an assessment of the track condition with traffic light colours (good/poor/critical).
  • mapl-e subdivides the measured distance into several treatment sections – depending on the type and depth of the defect.
  • Asset managers can quickly and easily change key parameters and/or own threshold values at any time and playfully test the consequences of the change on shift performance and costs.
Acquired measurement data
Assessment of the track condition with traffic light colours
Tolerance ranges

Make sound maintenance decisions instead of spending valuable time on elaborate planning

  • Prioritize line sections.
  • Simulate & compare your options (scenarios & costs).
  • Design your rail maintenance for minimum impact on the railway operation; go for preventive maintenance rather than corrective maintenance (at hot spots).
  • Long term objective: predictive rail maintenance strategy
  • In the future: transmission of the work parameters (locations, passes, settings) from mapl-e to the Vossloh rail treatment machines

Targeted execution of the activities in the identified line sections:

  • HSG smart:
    • Performance of grinding work at up to 80 km/h during operation
    • In several passes, minor corrections of the transverse profile can be made by setting the grinding paths
    • Automatic documentation of the maintenance results
  • Treatment by milling can be performed by Vossloh Track Milling or the road-rail milling truck.

Customer benefits thanks to maintenance planning-easy

  • Experience an unprecedented transparency, rigorous simplification & intuitive navigation.
  • Implement your maintenance objectives by simply adjusting your treatment preferences with sliders.
  • Leverage the various levels of detail & individual fine-tuning opportunities.
  • Improve your planning and forecasting capabilities.

Direct data evaluation & visualization as specific recommendation for action in in mapl-e

Simulation of maintenance scenarios: Transparent presentation of comprehensible recommendations for action

  • Asset managers
    • obtain a complete overview
    • can prioritize line sections to be treated &
    • plan corresponding activities in a targeted way.
  • Recommendation of the best machine & the best time of deployment
  • mapl-e evaluates at the push of a button
    • various maintenance options and
    • calculates the treatment times and costs for suitable rail maintenance equipment.

With Smart maintenance ‘on the fly’,

  • Vossloh puts line availability to the fore as the central parameter of the capability of network operators – in line with ‘enabling green mobility’, the corporate claim and trade fair motto of this year’s InnoTrans
  • we provide specific answers to the increased customer requirements in terms of economic efficiency and reliability of planning
  • we pursue the joint objective of a condition based & and proactive maintenance management to maximize the customers’ track availability.

Special characteristics of the tension clamp curve such as the second stiffness